TECTRA provides full services such as Construction, Development, Renovation and Finishing services. Our commitment to quality, integrity and responsibility are the key for lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients. Together, We Build As One.


Tectra is delivering perfection through construction. According to our records 80% of our clients considered as returned clients. We offer best balance of any project between cost reduction, efficiency and quality The overall coordination of projects from the concept to delivery, utilizing advanced technology and services is our responsibility.


We convert ideas from papers to real property. Tectra is highly experienced in all aspects of development process and has successfully providing projects planning, conceptualization and feasibility studies.


Our team can help to execute your renovation from demolition to reconstruction, regardless the size or scale of the renovation. We are specialized in renovating offices, schools and industrial facilities. We’ve gained valuable reputation in every phase of renovation projects.


Tectra offers a diversity of industrial finishing services which create both functional and decorative components with the high standards of finishing quality. The finishing touches on new construction projects can make or break the final design. Our highly qualified team of engineers offers assistance through every step of the finishing process to ensure that the interior and the exterior finishes look and work perfectly so you can enjoy them.

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